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Unable to enter correct serials on database

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  • Unable to enter correct serials on database


    I have a problem with the info provided by the database when adding a new plane to the database but which registration is already logged. I will explain myself.
    I upload a big quantity of Airbus Defence aircrafts to the DB which are carrying test regs as for example EC-338, which is now an A330-243MRTT msn 1808 and intended for the french air force. When I use the autofill tool, I get data from an RSAF A330-203MRTT who used that same reg, but obviously is a different aircraft. If I manually correct the data, adding msn 1808, and operator France Air Force, or Airbus Defence, everything shows normal on the queue, but after screening, photo appears accepted with the old data I corrected. same happens with EC-400, which is now an A400M used by airbus and not by the Spanish Air Force and which MSN is 056, not 044. and many more similar cases... Hope editors could help me with that.

    the photo in question:

    Best Regards,

    Santi Blánquez.

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    We will check it asap
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