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    Recently I have noticed Some what I feel are unair rejections for Hot Photos

    The Guide clearly states that
    Any change to the colour scheme (for example: removal of a special scheme, new stickers) or to the aircraft itself (Winglets, Sharklets) - Note that this is only valid for active aircraft

    But My question is what defines the reason a screener can reject hot photos when there is a very large removal of stickers?

    For Example My friend Here was able to hot this photo from this aswell as as from THis

    So Why Cant I go from to this bar the small matters of contrast etc

    This Isnt a dig at anyone I just want to be able to understand why this is repeatly happening to me?

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    Couple of things,

    1. the change is large enough to qualify for hot


    2. there is no other port side view in the DB, so there is no way of knowing there has actually been a change
    3. even assuming there has been a change, the angle is such that the change can't really be seen

    So, if you have a better angle of the starboard side, feel free to try again, as it would qualify as hot.


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      Okay Thanks very much