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Sony a6600 for spotting

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  • Sony a6600 for spotting

    Does anyone use the sony a6600 in combo with the 70-350MM F/4.5-6.3 G OSS ?
    I'm thinking about buying this combo instead of my D610+ 80-400 lens. Why? to have a more compact and lighter cam+lens. Or should i go for a A7 III ?
    Also for the 11 fps instead of the 5.9 of the 610


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    I previously used the a6000 and it was somewhat outdated. Combined with the fact that I wanted to broaden the photography that I do I went ahead and purchased the A7 III. Using the metabones adapter I've been pretty surprised at how well the autofocus has performed. It's not perfect but nothing really is. Once in a while it will hunt for a little while otherwise it is usually tack sharp. Here are some photos of AF1 that I was able to take using it along with a canon 100-400 (Wouldn't recommend that lens).

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      Hi Marc,
      I was happy when Sony released the SEL70350G lens. Since then I have been using it on my Alpha 6000. For me as a (advanced) beginner, this is a very good combination at an acceptable price.
      If you like, check out my photos here. They were all taken with the Alpha 6000, and most with the 70350 lens.
      Greetings, Eckhardt.