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    Jp family, I have a big negative collection from when I started photography in 1989 to early 2000. I would like some advice on what would be a good negative scanner! Thanks!!

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    I remember when the Nikon D850 was launched it was said that it had a lens that was particulary suitable for converting negatives. I believe that this mean that there was an algorithm in the camera's intelligence that could remove the yellow layer that nehgative film uses and reverse the colour. My point is that it is not the hardware that you should be looking for but the conversion software. Maybe some scanners come with this bundled.
    David dubya Wilson


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      Since I have about 1500+ slides to scan, I was looking at Plustek Opticfilm 8200i se. It has some positive reviews, however I was also wondering if anybody from the JP community has any experience with this particular model. The price is about USD 350-400, so I do seriously wonder if I should buy it, as scanning of my collection with use of ICE function at professional photo store is at approximately same cost.

      Cheers TK


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        I am currently borrowing my mates Opticfilm 8200i and using the Silverfast software with it.
        I have just uploaded a few images to my Flickr account if you wanted to have a look.[email protected]/


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          Gentlemen I appreciate all your help and feed! Thanks!