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    Hello and Happy Easter
    Today I want to smile with you about a phenomenon that involved me a few days ago and of which I see the evidence in this photo on JP
    Until a few days back this shot had, very few views.
    One day I get a strange message on messangers (unfortunately I trashed it) that spoke like this: Hello, are you the pilot of this plane?
    Obviously I replied that I was not the pilot (I don't even know how to fly a plane ).
    After a few more days, always on messangers, I receive a message: Hello, in this post (on facebook) we talk about you.
    What do I find out? That my photo of JP and, consequently, I too, we ended up in a round of Italian conspiracy chemists.
    In this link one of the many
    Obviously, it amuses me a lot, but at the same time, it makes me think about how many drilled people there are and how much ignorance, despite the fact that the internet has made available billions of tools to grow in culture and knowledge.
    Sorry for the length of the message and, as always, my bad English.

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    Yesterday I received two messages on my Facebook profile that caused great hilarity to me and my fellow spotters.
    I am attaching photos of the messages.
    These two people, I suppose conspiracy chemists, ask me why I fly over the skies of the city of Turin, believing that since the photo has my name, I am flying the plane (in this specific case a Partenavia P68 registration I- GRAD).
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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