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  • Aircraft Type Changed After Upload

    Recently had a weird upload situation with this accepted photo There was hardly any information about this registration TC-CHN and had submitted photo based on the number of windows visible on starboard side.

    Within the last half a day or so, I have recently come across a similar aircraft with a paint scheme that seems to match the aircraft that I photographed.

    I am curious as to how the plane I had photographed got changed to a Global 6000 when in fact the Global 6000 has 15 windows on the starboard side and the Global 5000 has 14 windows on the starboard side. Also, when researching the new found plane, stated that this aircraft, TC-TSR is in fact a Global Express. I did some research and found that the Global Express and Global 6000 are in fact two different variants of the Global series. Let this link reflect the previous registration for this aircraft

    The Global 6000 was introduced in 2012 and this aircraft is 18 years old according to scramble. Therefore this aircraft must be a Global Express since there is a larger gap between the cockpit window and the first window on the fuselage.

    If this is in fact the case, would you please update the first link to reflect Global Express and C/N as 9126 and operator as MNG Jet

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    You upload sems to be a normal Global Express, no 5000/6000
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