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Requesting approval for 1920px

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  • Requesting approval for 1920px

    Hi all,
    Sorry if this is mentioned somewhere else, but I hadn't seen anything specific on it. When would be an appropriate time to request the 1920px upload size? Thanks!

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    A good time IMO would be having at least 50 photos with a acceptance ratio of around or above 70%


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      I got my approval when I had an acceptance ration of just over 50%, at that time I had like 150 photos uploaded.


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        I got mine just yesterday at like 47.something% with 49 photos in and I have to assume I’m on the bottom end of what’s allowable. But somewhere just shy of 50% and 50 photos is allowable I guess. As for when you or anyone else would be good to get shots in at 1920 that’s another, less statistical, question I suppose. I think on a personal ability level you should make sure that any rejections you are still getting are at least in most cases not sharpness/blurry, and your rate is climbing. If you are still only getting in 50% of photos may be too early but if you are climbing out of a hole you dug early on then you will probably be fine. Then again I just got approved and have yet to get any 1920 photos so much as screened, so perhaps I’m speaking prematurely. Good luck!


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          Thank you all for the helpful input!!