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    Hello everybody,
    I need some help. I seem to have problems correctly assigning the category when uploading airport pictures. What are the rules/guidelines/rules of thumb to distinguish between "Airport Overview", "Terminal", and "Ramp"?
    Thanks a lot for your help and support.

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    If you have a picture from inside the terminal, it will be "terminal";

    If it's outside the terminal but shows only or mostly the terminal, it will also be "terminal";

    If the picture shows a view of various aircraft at the ramp, or only the ramp itself, it will be "ramp";

    Now, if the image shows a wider view where you can see 2 or more of this items, then it will be "airport overview" (ramp + terminal, ramp + control tower + runway, runway + control tower + terminal...)
    Sometimes a photo showing ramp + terminal can be sent as "ramp" or "terminal" or "airport overview", more than one designation can apply. I have a shot on queue that a JP crew said in other topic that both "airport overview" and "spotting location" can work for that image I can chose one.

    Iit will depend on the subject of the image