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  • Extra-long screening

    Good morning/evening JetPhotos crew. Recently, i uploaded a photo to the website as hot photo. After i uploaded the photo, the screening has begun nearly immediately. However, the photos has been kept in the "screening" process for unexpectedly long. I understand some photos may take longer to screen than others, but this one was unusually long. Since the screening started, it has been 22 hours, but its still in screening when i last checked. May i know if there's problem about my photo, or is there a bug, that lead that long screening process? Heres the photo's queue number: 9074312. Thanks for your time!

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    Same thing happened to me this morning. Submitted a hot, it got picked up and sat in the screening phase for 3 hours. Usually it doesn't take that long. Must be a bug I guess.


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      Screeners do this on a volunteer basis folks and it's quite possible that due to schedules, work, personal commitments, etc. someone was not available to provide a second eye. I doubt it is a bug or something like that, it's reality. I'm sure they will get to it when they have a chance to do so.