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    Originally posted by trenchjp View Post

    That's huge! Thank you so much for this, but since its a problem with the site, there's nothing much i can do, right?
    Nope :/

    Originally posted by MarkLawrence View Post

    A lot also depends on the browser that you are using. I use Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Internet Explorer because of work things and I have notice when downloading some of my images, Chrome/Firefox/Edge 70% of the time will attempt to download WebP, the rest of the time JPG - Internet Explorer 100% of the time uses JPG
    Yeah, there's also that. Because WebP is a relative new technology, IE does not support it. But the other ones does. The percentage (I think) is related to what I said about how many requests in a period of time the photo has, as it's more acessed, the CDN delivery it as WebP.