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Is This photo overprocessed?

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  • Is This photo overprocessed?

    JetPhotos Rejected Photo � Delta Air Lines Airbus A350-941

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      Yes it is. Looking at the equalized view, there are haloes around the airplane as well as the vertical edges of the photo. The EXIF says you used Windows Photo Editor, judging by the lack of contrast, my guess is there was some sort of auto-enhancement applied (which adjusted shadows/highlights) and that's what caused the haloes.

      The photo is also overexposed, and there's JPEG compression.

      The overexposure issue might not be fixable if you didn't shoot RAW. I looked at your settings from the EXIF, and my recommendation would be to set the camera to Av, f8, ISO 200, and let the camera pick the shutter speed. Don't get caught up in trying to nail it right, don't listen to Ken Rockwell, just Av and go. Save manual for when you have complete control over the scene or need to override the camera for a desired effect.

      JPEG compression, just double check when you save the photo that quality is set to max, or 100%. If Windows Photo is like paint, then that cannot be changed.

      Generally, I recommend ISO 200 for all around use, and only use 400 around sunset when the shutter speed goes too low. More so because you're using a camera with a sensor that dates back to 2007 or so, and the noise will be noticeable at ISO 400.
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        Even if it wasn't over processed, it would've still been rejected for soft/blurry