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When to upload bigger than 1280?

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  • When to upload bigger than 1280?

    I have recently started to upload to JP and I have 70% with 7 pictures but can only upload at 1280.
    So when can a photographer upload bigger size than 1280pixels?

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    I would aim for 50 accepted photos. Sometimes we will look at less if you have a very good acceptance ratio.

    Bigger doesn't always mean better and for 1920px photos we screen a lot harder as imperfections show easier, eg softness.


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      Bigger in theory is better but, as mentioned above, flaws will show the larger the image — but only because you're preserving/showing more detail. It's all relative. I used to upload to sites such as this at 1200 but on the rare occasion I upload anything now it's always at maximum resolution permitted (typically 1920). Much more enjoyable aesthetically due to the richer detail. To be honest if you have decent enough lenses and know how to use them to their full potential there's no reason you shouldn't frequently get images accepted at 1920 pixels. But I wouldn't recommend doing it if you have limited experience.