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Settings for Canon EOS T8i Rebel

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  • pandapilot
    I own a different Canon DSLR, but here are my settings if they may be of any help:

    Metering mode — evaluative.
    Shooting mode — actually, doesn't matter. I shoot both in shutter priority and aperture priority, depends on what (shutter or aperture) I want to control. Your aperture should be around f/8 or less for the sharper image on most low-medium end lenses and shutter speed around 1/1000 or faster if you are the beginner.
    Drive mode — continuous, high-speed, with exposure compensated 1/3 stops down or with exposure bracketing.

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  • GT_Aviation
    started a topic Settings for Canon EOS T8i Rebel

    Settings for Canon EOS T8i Rebel

    Hey y'all I was wondering what are some good settings would be for the camera I'm using. Thanks