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    Im seeking for some opinions on the choice of a telephoto lens and what system to go with. First a bit of introduction into my current gear:

    Back in 2019 I purchased a Canon EOS R and about a year later, got hold of a Canon 100-400mm L lens. I`ve basically been using this combo for a longer while, but figured 400mm is not quite enough at some places. Airports with designated spotting areas are mostly fine with this range, but there are a few that I generally like to visit where 400mm is simply on the edge. This leads either to a lot of cropping or unusable photos in general. Also, at airshows that involve a lot of smaller jets / warbirds etc, more zoom would be helpful to fill the frame. Ive tried the 100-400 on a 7D II which makes the range much more useable, maybe except for being a little too much for close objects.

    Now, winter promotions and cashbacks are mostly live and also the A7 IV was recently released. Also, Fuji has a very compelling entry with the X-T4.

    Sony, especially together with Tamron also have 2 very interesting lens options for full-frame telephoto. The Sony 200-600mm f5.6-6.3 as well as the Tamron 150-500mm f5-6.7.

    My problem is that I still have some other Canon glass and the 100-400, generally speaking, is a very nice lens. The R6 is much better than the R for tracking fast objects/wildlife and it has a nice cashback bonus. Its also quite a bit faster than the A7 and Im used to the system compared to Sony/Fuji.

    Ive been thinking about 3 options now, but simply cant really decide which route to go.

    a) Stick with Canon, pick up the R6 and go with what I got at the moment. This would save me a good amount of hassle trying to sell stuff and setting up from the start. In comparison though, Id still be missing reach on the telephoto end.

    b) Entirely sell the Canon setup and go for the A7 IV with either the Tamron or Sony lens I mentioned above (both are only 100-200€ apart). Id probably prefer the 150-500 here as 150 isnt too extreme on the short end and 500 still giving me a boost where the 33 MP of the A7 would if necessary still provide some level of cropping power.

    c) Entirely sell the Canon setup and go with Fuji. The X-T4 looks like it has good tracking capabilites and also has a pretty fast burst rate. Their 100-400mm would pretty much equal the 7D + 100-400 combo while giving me the advantages of a mirrorless system and reducing size.

    By the way, if anyone is missing the 150-600mm lenses from Sigma/Tamron in this post, its because I dont like both of them. I was able to try the Tamron G2 on one occasion but I feel like these lenses are more suited for DSLRs. Ive noticed some AF problems and the zoom ring cant be turned quickly / is quite stiff.

    Have you got any opinions or advices that can help to make a decision? Id appreciate any input on the topic!

    Best Regards,

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    Have you considered a 1.4x extender for your existing 100-400? Maybe something to think about if you don't need the extra reach all the time.


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      Hi, yeah Ive been thinking about that option. I see a few downsides though:

      1. Quality degrades + possibly worse Autofocus
      2. Hassle of dealing with the adapter + extender + lens
      3. Another investment in EF glass

      The last point is a bit of a mixed bag, there are a lot of people currently selling their EF stuff, so picking up an Extender might be quite cheap & easy. But if I buy a different tele lens for RF in the next.. lets say 2-3 years (maybe if Sigma or Tamron have jumped in until then), selling it will be even more difficult than the lens alone.