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Today a strange comment from the screener

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  • Today a strange comment from the screener

    "Plane clearly too soft, Could you please try to appeal less and learn from your rejections instead ? Thank you"
    I don't know why I got this comment. In my uploads (about two thousand) I will have presented perhaps a dozen appeals, some accepted, others rejected (as is logical), but, quite frankly, such an indignant response had never occurred to me. Or maybe whoever answers means that I am a donkey? I hope not!
    However, if there is the possibility of appealing, obviously it serves to propose a different point of view than that of those who project the photos, and this is a possibility that the portal offers.
    I have the utmost respect for the work of the crew which is voluntary, but those who upload the photos that allow, for example, FR24 to show an airplane on their app, must also be respected.
    In short, we are passionate, some better, others less, but all deserving of the same respect.
    Maybe it would have been better if the screener had just said "I agree with the first", everything would have been ok for me without feeling a little offended somehow.
    Excuse my bad English and no love of controversy.

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    This is a very common message we leave when we feel that people are appealing without good reasons.
    You said you only appealed a dozen time but this is not true, you have appealed way more but anyway. Appeals are extremely time consuming and we feel that way too many appeals are done without really checking the pic correctly which was the case here.

    I believe that the message is politely worded and if you feel like a donkey reading it might be a bit of over reacting ?

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      As I said I don't like controversy, so thank you for the answer.
      with all the respect you deserve.