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Uneven horizon? really??

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  • Uneven horizon? really??

    Ok let's see, I really need an explanation for these rejections.

    All with supposed uneven horizons. I will explain in each photo what I see and interpret.

    On the other hand... I'm not one to appeal my rejections, I only appealed 2 of these photos after months without making any kind of appeal, and the screener gives me a warning for abuse of appeals, really?
    I am giving a technical explanation of the photo and I get a warning without an explanation?

    I clarify that this post is not a complaint, I just want you to explain to me where you see the uneven horizon.

    1 -

    The runway is diagonal, it is not a reference to the horizon. The taxiway is also diagonal to the photographer's view. The centered plane and the horizontal reference lines were respected.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	1.jpg
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    Plane centered and both verticals and horizontals are aligned

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2.jpg
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ID:	1138657


    Plane centered, horizon aligned with the only horizontal reference line

    Click image for larger version

Name:	3.jpg
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ID:	1138658


    Same as above, Airplane centered, horizon aligned with the only horizontal reference line

    Click image for larger version

Name:	4.jpg
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ID:	1138659

    I appreciate if you took a while not only to evaluate these cases, but also to explain the reason for a meaningless warning.

    Thank you

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    The verticals on the first and second photos are clearly shifting to the left, same with 3 and 4 except they’re shifting to the right.

    also you most likely got a warning for appealing photos with a rejection that isn’t debatable in this context.


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      I am not a screener but have got some photos with horizon accepted. I just want to share some of my experiences with you.

      First of all, the key of make your photo horizontal is to find something vertical. Just imagine you are standing on the tower beside the runway with a camera and an aircraft is taxing in front of you. The airplane on your screen is going to have a high tail with a low head at first, and then get leveled at the middle, and a low tail with a high head when it is going far away. It tells us that something horizon is not always reliable but a vertical object will keep vertical no matter how it moves.

      So let's see your photos. If I were you, I will use the landmark with "31-13E" as a vertical object in the first photo. In this way, it needs some counterclockwise rotation. The second one will be an amazing photo, just need some clockwise rotation to make the buildings match the vertical lines. The third one and the last one seem a little bit difficult since it seems that you used the wide-angle lens, but we can still find some solutions. What about having a vertical center of the photo? An easy way to get these understood is that as both airplanes in your third and last photo are on your left-hand side, they should always have a higher tail and a lower head.

      Probably I make mistakes, but I believe some of my experiences are useful. All of them are nice shoots, just try them again and they will get accepted! Good luck and enjoy!


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        You didn't get any warning for appeal abuse, just a link to the thread about it and a polite message asking you not to appeal the other horizon rejections because they were all very correct.
        A warning comes with a stricter tone.



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          Originally posted by Wheat View Post
          The verticals on the first and second photos are clearly shifting to the left, same with 3 and 4 except they’re shifting to the right....
          That's correct


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            I answered a similar question in the following post.:

            Hope it can help you.

            I also recommend that you learn about conical perspective and 2 point perspective.



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              in the 2nd image take the windows in the background as reference. They will ALWAYS be built straight. In the 3rd one, take the baggage cart.

              ALWAYS use vertical lines, they will always be straight. Horizontal lines bend in our point of view and will be misleading.
              Oliver Richter


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                The plane is very rarely an accurate measurement of horizon. When the plane is anything other than directly in front of you, it will skew your horizon measurement in some way. Use absolutes (Photo #1: the edge of the runway number marker. Photo #2: the building(s) in the back.) When you can't do that, use your best judgment. If the plane looks like it's "climbing" in the photo while on the ground, like it does in 3 and 4, try to eyeball it.


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                  You are obviously aligning with the horizontals, not the verticals which is the correct way.