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Crowne Plaza Hotel, Singapore Changi

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  • Crowne Plaza Hotel, Singapore Changi

    I was interested in staying at this hotel and I see that some of the rooms have very good views of the runway; there are some very good shots on from the hotel. I just wanted to ask if the windows were tinted and if so, does this mean a lot of processing issues?

    Also, with regard to photographing outside, it looks like Nicoll Drive, under the 02R, is the best place (assuming they're using the 02s!); how is to photograph there? Are the authorities ok with it and also, is the humidity an issue?

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    Hello, for advices regarding a specific airport regarding security, spots, etc, I guess it would be best to use the spotter guide
    Regarding tinted windows, yes, you do need to give it somewhat etter edit, so the color is not noticeable, otherwise, you may run into a rejection.


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      Loads of spots in Singapore are illegal, just saying. If you shoot the fence, it’s already counted as illegal. Changi Beach and Changi Business Park are the 2 best spots for me to spot, or Changi Airport T1 VM.


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        Before giving a response here I did a quick search of the posts on the site under "Changi International Airport". I have been planning a post-covid trip to Singapore and in correspondence with non-spotting friends in Singapore who tell me that currently individual non-escorted tourists are likely to be given permission to land. I have also reviewed my country's (UK) travel advice. I'd advise anyone planning a trip to anywhere in Asia to do the same.

        I believe that many of the pictures on this site come from "Changi Beach" and "T1 VM".

        Some years ago I had a spotting trip to Singapore, staying at the Changi Village Inn who were unable to give me a high balcony room. This facility is no longer available under my preferred hotel booking system but a similar property is. I walked much of the perimeter on the sea side (there was a strong cooling trade wind) and the best spot I found was the garden of the Stella Restaurant shown between spots 7 (Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal) & 8 (National Service Resort). The garden accommodates 3 restaurants one named "Belly Cafe" because aircraft bellies are clearly visible. I also met a huge (7ft) lizard in this garden and was retreating to the cafe to ask if it was dangerous when a six year old kid rushed up and patted it's head.

        I didn't get to the business park site but did take local busses all the way round the airport. Much of the land is taken up by the famous large prison. Avoid the busses during rush hour.

        Singapore is a city state which identifies it's need to one day possibly defend itself against it's neighbours which may become less stable than currently. The area round Changi is used for military training as well as providing country and golf clubs. It is wise to be sensitive to local opinions and move on if asked. OTOH, I feel safe carrying expensive photographic equipment there. I believe National Day celebrations include an air display some years.

        In the terminal, at least some of the windows have tints but those can be removed with software. You might need to be aware of reflections also. It's not clear whether you can shoot from stairwells in the Crowne Plaza as it was beyond my budget on that trip but I may book it for the next trip.

        As I was HK based for much of my working life I've known hotel prices in Singapore very low and very high. Currently, it's difficult to find an air carrier to Singapore that gives 10kgs or more cabin baggage, which you might need if carrying more than one lens and a laptop, at a reasonable price.
        David dubya Wilson


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          I actually stayed at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Changi a few years back and loved it! The view of the runway was definitely a highlight - so cool to watch planes take off and land right outside your window. As for the windows, I don't recall them being tinted, but I can't say for sure. I did take some photos from the room, and they turned out great.
          Just be aware of the local authorities and make sure you're not breaking any rules.
          If you're looking for a different perspective, consider checking out a hotel near me open now. They might have a rooftop or terrace that offers a unique view of the surrounding area.