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  • Undersharpened / soft advice

    I've had a lot of photos recently that have been rejected for undersharpened / soft. What should I be looking for in lightroom when editing photos so I don't get another undersharpened rejection? Thanks!

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    Usually I'll sharpen the photo after I've shrank it down, not before.


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      Originally posted by CARBONOX CN
      Well, for me the more the better. I don't actually know if there is an"Over sharpened"rejection, but sharpening to max rate may work out better I think.
      Sharpening to max will definitely not work.
      There indeed is a rejection for over sharpening as sharpening too much causes issues with artefacts and that may even be nowhere near to max.
      Also sharpening may increase nose, so you may even run into too much noise rejection.


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        I can confirm. Oversharpening exists!

        Look at pictures already on JP. Try to emulate the sharpness using sharpening and masking. If you sharpen everything, you introduce noise. If you alt-click (or ctrl click...) you get a B/W view where you can adjust the edges you are masking. Super simple stuff once you find it. Try to keep the aircraft outline but eliminate pointless areas where possible. You may need to add some luminance to reduce noise afterwards.