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First registration badges deleted

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  • First registration badges deleted


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    Originally posted by Carloluigi View Post
    It helps to be more specific, in case, you wana discuss, or complain about sth.


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      I know what Carlo is after. I did delete the badges. The reason being, you claimed the badges for the aircraft now being a different subtype (here). The research showed however that the initial upload(s) was/were wrong. You submitted the aircraft with the correct type. This translated into correcting the previous uploads to the same type, making your upload un-unique hence the badge for the assumed new type was deleted.
      Good you raised it, at least I can thank you for raising the data issue albeit not on purpose. Sorry for loosing the badges but that would be confusing. I'm sure you're understaning this specific situation and agree to what has been done and decided! Keep 'em coming!
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        No problem Bleuair even if it doesn't seem too right to me.
        Everywhere it says that it is the responsibility of whoever uploads the photos to make sure that the data is correct, otherwise the photo is rejected.
        How many photographers (including myself) were rejected photos because the data entered was wrong?
        A photo of a Piaggio P180 Avanti of the Italian Air Force was deleted from the database and nothing was communicated to me, not even an email ... and even now I don't know the reason for the cancellation.
        In this case, however, you at JP have corrected some incorrect data entered by the photographers.
        But ok, really no problem.
        Thanks anyway for the work you do
        Greetings from LIML