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    Originally posted by pawelm View Post
    JuklicekCZ , to give you an example, just from today, after 100 screened photos:
    - 1 bad info / invalid hot - typo in a reg of a 787, with a note, that photographer couldn't find serial number - highly unlikely situation, especially that it was wearing full airline colors. Rejection that could be easly avoided
    - Double in queue, which actually makes 2 rejections
    - 2 very, and I mean very poor, quality photos - looked like taken with 2008 phone camera
    - 1 obvious obstrucion
    - 1 too far/centering.

    Those are 7 rejections from 100 screened photos, now imagine that 7% of entire queue is the same. That's almost 1700 photos - it takes a day of crew effort to screen that many. So, queue time could be shorter by a day, if uploaders would take few minutes to read Guidelines.
    And now that they’ve removed the ability to prescreen each others queued photos; you’re going to get even more photos that don’t meet the mark in queue