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Categorie Rejection Night Shot?

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  • Categorie Rejection Night Shot?

    Okay,my second question of a rejection today.
    This pic is also rejected because of wrong/missing categorie:
    I have selected military and that should be right.
    During the upload process I was not sure to do a checkmark at the night shot categorie because the photo is taken at ca 11:30am.

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    Military should not be an issue, it is operated by Luftwaffe, so it should fit.
    Rejection for military vs civilian would be Genre, not category.
    However, I think, that the only category, that could be valid here is a Business Jet.

    But cannot tell it 100% sure as the business jet Airbuses are depicted as (CJ).
    And I can see just one shot of this particular A/C depicted as Business Jet.

    As stated in the upload guidelines:
    "Business Jet
    A photo of a Business Jet is to be uploaded as such. This category is for the Cessna Citation or a Boeing BBJ and everything similar. Some military and government aircraft also fall into this category. Anything with props is not a business jet."


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      Yes I'm absolutly unsure. The sister Aircraft 15+10 is accepted without Business Jets categorie. So I think it's because of the "night shot" categorie. November,low sun....


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        Genre should be Military and no categories needed. Not a Business Jet because it can be configurated in multiple versions (Pax, MedVac, etc.).

        Martin - Senior Screener


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          how about this one, should be tick business jet?


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            Originally posted by ksaviation View Post
            how about this one, should be tick business jet?
            This is a standard Business Jet type aircraft from my point of view.
            It even is uploaded as such.
            Click image for larger version

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