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    I am looking to make the move from my current Nikon D3300 up to the original Nikon Z6, FTZ adaptor and with the Nikon 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6E ED VR for aviation photography and the Niko 24-70mm f/2.8G IF-ED for other normal everyday photography. As I'm new to the mirrorless system I am interested in finding out what you guys think of my proposed upgrade option.


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    I currently use the Z50 with the FTZ adapter for a Nikkor 55-300mm. Works great! I don't know much about the Z6 other than it doesn't have a cropped sensor like the Z50, but your plan sounds great! Feel free to check out some of my photos for quality, and/or reach out to me for other questions!


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      As you are moving from a crop body to a full frame your maximum focal length will no longer be 450mm but 300mm. However most of my acceptances on JP have been with my 2.8 70-200mm, sometimes at 300mm on the crop D500. As I understand it, the Z mount allows more light to get to the sensor but I wonder if some of the advantage is taken with the FTZ (F2Z) adapter. I am wondering about going mirrorless also and am thinking it makes most sense if there is a Z lens I will use frequently.
      David dubya Wilson


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        Thanks for your responses. Understandably I'm trying to get the best I can within my budget, the Z6II with the new lenses I would need to buy pushes me outside my budget, whereas the original Z6, even with the investment in XQD keeps me inside the budget. The native Z lenses are also expensive for my budget, which is why I am planning on getting some old F-mount lenses with the FTZ adaptor.

        What are people's experiences using the F-mount lenses with the FTZ adaptor?



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          I use a Z6 with the FTZ adapter all the time, especially with a Tamron 70-200mm f2.8, Nikon 85mm and Sigma 150-600. No issues or complains here. But if you plan to use a crop-sensor lens the camera will automatically switch to crop mode and you lose resolution. Another great option is the Z50, which is crop and a great, less expensive camera. I use it all the time with the proprietary Z 50-250mm.

          If you get old f-mount lenses, make sure their have a motor. The Z6 doesn't have one so the AF will not work. Same with the z50.

          I hope this helps.