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Confusion about photo submission results

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  • Confusion about photo submission results

    Update: I think I have used the wrong forum. Re-posted this one in the 'Digital Photo Processing Forum'.

    First of all, thanks to all the screeners for their great work.

    However, sometimes I do not understand what they are doing...

    As I was lucky during a recent trip to catch a rather high number of aircrafts not having pictures on Flightradar (and so on Jetphotos) yet I decided to re-start uploading after a break of 15 years. I stopped uploading back then because I didn't want to be bothered with rejections (and even rejections I do not understand). As most of us, I think my pictures are of the best quality and don't understand that there are crappy pictures in the database while my high quality shots have been rejected. However, I am fine with that. That's why I have uploaded pics on my own accounts at other platforms only.

    But my current issue is a bit different. I have uploaded five pictures. Two of them got accepted while three were rejected. Rejection reasons were 'Over Processed / Bad postprocessing" and "JPG compression artefacts". Why am I confused? All of the pictures have been processed the same way. I don't know why some are over processed and others are not.

    The only explanation I have is that they have been screened by different screeners with different views on these reasons.

    Do you have any advice for me what I can do to avoid this? The only thing I will not do is to upload (in my opinion) lower quality versions just to get them accepted.

    I am fine with stopping uploading again, if my pictures are not wanted. But I thought it would have been good for others to see pictures at FR24 where no pictures are available, yet.

    Thank you,

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    It would help if you posted links to the rejections so others can look. After many uploads, rejections and acceptances, I know that each image has to be processed on it's own merits. I can take two shots of the same aircraft with the same camera with the same lens seconds apart, and each one has to be processed as it's own individual image. Over Processed usually means there are halos on the image that can come as part of a workflow. But, it will help to see the rejected images.