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Just Ordered my D70!

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    Originally posted by 777Captain
    What I mean by the plastic on the 300D is that it wont last as long a metal body on the D70, think about it for example you see two cars for sale, one has a metal frame (which would be the D70 if your buying a camera) and one car has a plastic frame (which would be the 300D) which one are you gonna buy? The one with the metal frame! ding ding ding ding
    If you take care of it, it will last. Just like that car. If you abuse the camera, it's definately not going to last as long as it was intended to. Same thing with the car, if you go 120 down the interstate and hit something, say good night, no matter what kind of car you have.

    It's all the same, if you drop the camera alot and bang it around. It's not going to last as long anywhere near as long as if you kept it around you neck and didn't bash it on everything.

    And you'd be suprised how many 300D photos out there are, that are basically crap. Like this kid Adam Wright for instance... :P


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      folks, what are we talking about, with a bigma on my 300D ppl still go out of the way (especially when I had a monopod hanging under it today)


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        What's a bigma? Is that a silly question? I'm guessing it's short for "big Sigma lens..."
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          yeah Bigma means 'big Sigma'. Sigma makes some pretty large lenses 135-400mm, 170-500mm and 50-500mm. they make a set up look much more impressive. Of course Canon L glass does too or just a big lens in general.


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            50-500 is 'the' bigma.