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Opinions on Canon EOS R7 and EF adapter for 100-400 mk2

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  • Opinions on Canon EOS R7 and EF adapter for 100-400 mk2

    Hi all,

    I'm in the process of potentially upgrading from my Canon 90D, and I'm settling on jumping into EOS R world. I'd appreciate some advice from the Jetphotos community.

    My most used current setup is 90D with my EF 100-400 mark 2 lens.

    I've been a bit frustrated with the noise of the 90D, even shooting at f/8, ISO100 in the 1/100 to 1/500 realm in perfect light conditions, there is a slight degree of noise that gets worse based on light conditions and the higher the ISO goes.

    I plan to stay with an APSC to avoid vignetting issues, and the EOS R7 seems like a similar albiet hopefully better alternative to the 90D.

    Review camera noise test results for the Canon EOS 90D and compare the performance of this camera with other Cameras.

    Based on the above noise test comparison, it seems like the R7 would have better 'ideal' performance than the 90D.

    So I'd firstly like to throw to the community who uses the R7, general thoughts/opinions/advice regarding the camera?

    And secondly...

    I'd like to continue using my EF-S 100-400 mk2 lens via a mount, so are there any users in the community who use this lens or similar on an EOS R camera? How is the performance/what is to be expected with this combination?

    Look forward to hearing everyone's responses.

    Kind regards,

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    I've been using the 100-400 mk2 on an R camera with the converter for a month now, works perfectly, no issues or whatsoever yet.


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      see here


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        I've not got an R7 but I do have an RP, R6 and R10 and have been using the RF mount since early 2019. Your EF 100-400L II will be fine on the R7 — I actually find that EF lenses perform slightly better with the R bodies than they do with EF! Before the RF 70-200s were released I was using my EF version on the RP and it performed seamlessly.

        The speed and AF are something else — far superior to the 90D you're currently using. The R7 uses the same processor (Digic X) as the R10 so noise will be similarly controlled (i.e. it won't be an issue).