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    i am looking for a really good Planespotting camera to take photos but also videos for YouTube. Can somebody recommend me something? because I don’t know anything about cameras.

    Best Regards

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    Depends on how much your budget is and where you want to post your photos/videos. There are many, many options.


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      My budget is 1500€. I want to make high quality Planespotting videos on YouTube and of course to post photos here on JetPhotos.


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        Originally posted by Leon Vrabie View Post
        My budget is 1500€. I want to make high quality Planespotting videos on YouTube and of course to post photos here on JetPhotos.
        That's a decent budget to start with. I would suggest a camera with an interchangeable lens set up (eg a DLSR or mirrorless). Everyone has their firm favourite brand. My preference is for the Canon ecosystem as I have spent a considerable amount on their lenses. However, Nikon and Sony are also as good, so it's probably down to what you feel most comfortable handling. You need to consider the lens you are putting on the camera as this can make a huge difference to the picture quality. It's like taking a Ferarri and then putting the cheapest lowest grade petrol you can find in will work but you're not getting the best out of it.

        I would suggest that you look for a camera body and a starting lens in the 70-300mm range. You can go for a wide angle lens straight away of course but you wont be able to zoom in very well on the aircraft (which will be important for video work).

        If you fancy the latest tech... then maybe just straight into Mirrorless. I just had a look and this might be a good option:

        Canon EOS R50 Digital Camera with RF-S 18-45mm Lens Creator Kit | Wex Photo Video

        Canon RF 100-400mm f5.6-8 IS USM Lens | Wex Photo Video

        Comes in at 1600GBP combined (949 for the camera bundle 649 for the 100-400 lens), but would include the kit you need for video blogging and getting photos on JetPhotos. You would need to add a tripod in on top of this.

        As I say, my preference is for Canon. Others can give their advice on other brands.


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          Thank you so much for your answer!


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            It is a question that is practically impossible to answer in a timely manner because everyone has their own experience.
            Rather I would advise you to ask yourself a few questions and based on the answers, select a range of cameras and lenses that suit your needs.
            1- What planes do I want to photograph? Civil aircraft, large and slow, are different from military ones, which are small and fast.
            2 - Where do I want to photograph them? The distance from the observation point to the subject greatly affects the type of lens.
            3 - Do I prefer making videos or photos? A camera and a lens that do both very well I don't think has been invented yet.
            4 - Do I want to start big or do I prefer to try with a low profile and then evolve according to my preferences?
            5 - How much is the budget compared to what I need to take photos or videos according to my needs?
            If you ask any spotter these questions, you'll get a bunch of different answers.
            So, feel free to buy what suits you best based on how well you answered the questions you asked yourself.


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              Or Nikon Z 50 + 16–50 VR + 50–250 VR