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Airlines using your photos?

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  • Airlines using your photos?

    Just a few questions for those who have had an airline (any airline) use one or more of your photos for whatever reason.
    1) How were you approached? E-mail?
    2) How would one go about approaching the airline first (ie: offering your photos for their useage)?
    3) How did you determine what price to charge the airline for the use of your photographs?

    Reason I ask is that I have a few shots I think might be appealing to a couple of carriers for web site or other use...trying to decide my next move. I've had a few of my railroad shots printed in magazines, but never anything more substantial.
    Thanks in advance.
    George R. Widener
    Oshkosh, WI USA
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    1) Email request
    2) I never did this. I guess the airlines know where to search if they need photos.


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      yes i have a photo that has been used not by an airline but by Boeing itself in a book about their aircraft family.

      they sent me an email and commented on how much they liked the shot and if they could use it.

      price was not an issue and in the end boeing sent me some great gifts that are much more useful than money in the bank.

      next trips
      USA/DXB August.


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        Rolls Royce are using my Cathay between the buildings shot in their internal book (Waiting for my copy!!)


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          Thanks for the replies, guys. I still am unsure how or if I will proceed on this...if I do have any success I will be sure to share with the group my methods.
          George R. Widener
          Oshkosh, WI USA
          Aircraft Photos Here
          Railroad Pictures Here


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            Thanks George for the idea of this post.
            Although this was biased, when working in a travel agency
            I used to make direct approach thru roving reps,
            whom I invited for a drink outside
            usually got a couple of names
            Was far from being successful any time but got to pitch some slides for free tickets.
            If I were to really work out seriously,I would now
            -use E-mail
            -offer the airline to pay me with what they can shell out easly :
            T I C K E T S + some help in getting a ramp access at their home place.
            Seems too much, but for them, it's easier than pulling out a check-book or cash.
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              Southwest Pilot's Association asked me for a photo for their newsletter, I sent them the photo and requested a copy of the newsletter.................never heard from them after!


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