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Hey Monty here's you pic adjusted.

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  • Hey Monty here's you pic adjusted.

    H Monty
    All i did with this was.
    I moved the bottom right point up a little to lighten all the dark colors and fiddled with a few placed points to keep the pic looking balanced.
    What do you think?


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    cheers darren

    i'll give it a shot and see how it goes...i have a few spares of her also.

    next trips
    USA/DXB August.


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      To be honest I prefer the original, despite what the experts say!


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        G'day AJ
        Missed out on getting your smiling face in frame at the Golf 4 holdpoint the other day.
        I think you were in 155A heading over to NZ.
        I got a couple of nice shots wich will be up in the next couple of days but missed you as we went out before you.
        Nice shots from Japan by the way.
        I see what you get up to now on those 36hr slips hey!!
        Take it easy
        PS I also prefer the contrasty one.
        I also think they are far from experts especially when it comes to photography!
        Given most of them will reject a photo which is taken using the 1/3 rule(the golden rule of composition) i really don't waste to much time trying to convince them of there own inadequacies.


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          Heya Darren...yup, that was us off to Auckland instead of Narita

          Thanks mate, learning the ropes on this new camera/lens, we get 24 hours in Narita (when we get there) and we stay near the aeroporto...what better activity to partake of?


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            Yea mate its a pretty handy airport to be learning how to handle that 100-400.
            I was a bit dissapointed i didn't get the chance to take some photo's of aircraft when i was up there in January.
            Did get some exceptional shots around town though.
            Take care