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    I'd like to ask a few questions about the D30. I figured the lens is the most important part of the camera set up, so I'm thinking that the D30 will be the best (well not the best) but the best choice for my first DSLR. I was reading somewhere that the D30 has focusing problems, mainly in action shots and low light conditions. Have any of you found this to be hampering any dusk shots, both aviation and non-aviation? Also, what is the shutter lag like? And finally, for those of you downgrading from a high megapixel digital camera (like Scott and his F717) did you find the resolution more difficult to work with since it is 3.24 MP? I don't plan to purchase (I'll probably take the eBay plunge, but I some other options) until December. Yeah I know--about 6 months away, but I researched my F717 for 4 months before purchasing. Thanks in advance.

    Equipment: A camera (who gives a rip about the brand?)

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    Hey Checksix...

    1. The D30 does have trouble focusing in very very low light, but I can't really tell how bad this is, because coming from my C-730, the D30 focuses lightning fast!
    I have not had any trouble focusing on aircraft in low light or at night. As long as you have *some* light on the subject, it usually gets the job done.

    2. There is virtually no shutter lag...this is an SLR.

    3. I went from the Olympus' 3.2Mp to the D30's 3.2MP...the difference is HUGE! Where as most of the C-730 shots could not be cropped heavily without the quality going to sh*t, noise etc...but with the D30 at ISO 100... a sharp image with good glass can be cropped heavily. You could literally take a 1024 section of a photo and use it.



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      The other area to look out for with the D30 (and possibly other DSLRs) is making sure you have a good healthy battery in the camera as low power conditions can hamper focusing.

      On a recent trip to MAN I finally got to use my newly acquired Sigma 170-500. Overall I was very pleased with the results I've been able to obtain but one annoyance on the day with this setup was a failure to focus at the short end of the lens. As an aircraft began it's take-off roll I would be zoomed out to 500mm gradually pulling back all the way to 170 as it passed side on to me and the push out to 500mm as it climbed out. However I began to notice that as I zoomed in to anything less than 250mm the lens would simply refuse to focus on the aircraft.

      I then tried this by focusing on static objects and still the same problem. The camera was exhibitng no error messages and focused fine throughout the range with my 28-80 & 75-300.

      It was only that evening when I tried a fresh battery in the camera was I able to gain focus lock throughout the range.

      The lesson learned here is to makes sure I always have a fresh battery to hand.... airshow season's coming up... time to get a couple more spares!