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  • Screeners help needed!

    Hello screeners,

    I sent you an email, but don't know if you have time to read them so I'll try here as well. I uploaded a wrong pic and was wondering if it was possible to replace it before it gets added to the database.
    The picture (ID258133) is still in the queue. Here's what I would like to replace it with:

    You'll find a bigger version in an email sent by me addressed to [email protected]

    This one was very dark to begin with, so I missed it earlier, but it turned out ok. If the task is impossible, no sweat. Just thought I'd ask.

    -Pepe- (Peter Fagerström)

    OR just delete photoID:ID258133 from the queue, and I'll upload this the normal way. Together they are propably a baddouble.

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    This has nothing to pertain to what you're asking, but......nice picture!


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      edit the fields in the uploaded photo and put "delete" or "please delete" in every field or something that will draw our attention.. and we'll reject it. u have to reupload your "new" shot.


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        Thats what i usually do, in bold i put
        "Delete this photo better version coming up" or similar in every field, worked every time.
        Sam Rudge
        A 5D3, some Canon lenses, the Sigma L and a flash