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Best smartphone Camera for Jetphotos ?

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  • Best smartphone Camera for Jetphotos ?

    Ever since owning a DSLR, i have been using a cheap phone but unfortunately it broke recently so I am in the market for a new smartphone. I understand a smartphone is not as capable as a DSLR so i just want to use it to get pictures of parked aircraft in the apron. Also in some airports, taking out a DSLR triggers security officials so it is also a low profile option to get pics. I am currently considering Samsung S24 / iPhone 15 but wouldn't mind checking out other brands as well.

    The biggest rejection issue with phone shots I've had in the past is JPG Compression artifacts but i believe phones nowadays have a raw feature which may prevent that. Would love to hear your suggestions and thanks in advance.


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    S23/S24 Ultra \_(ツ)_/​


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      Depends on your capability.. Even Samsung S7 would perfectly works for me..
      Then Huawei Mate 20 Pro on the top level.

      Currently using Samsung S22 Ultra only '' manuel mode '' ...
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        I suppose that iPhone works best, or really good at least. For reference, these have been pictures I have uploaded with iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 (no RAW mode) (6 pics total):
        So if those pictures were decent enough, I suppose the newest work too.


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          I haven't managed it yet, but maybe one day. RAW helps but also some good sunny weather would be an advantage.


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            I recently bought an iPhone 15 Pro Max and i am very surprised with the photo results, especially with raw mode and night shot mode, for apron shots i really recommend it!


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              Pixel 3 or equiv. is good enough for perfect condition stills, but lacks manual mode. I would say Pixel 7 Pro/8 Pro as they have telephoto module, pleasant color reproduction.

              "JUPITER 392" Piper Aztec monument at Sekolah Angkasa, Medan. Ex PK-EKA, repainted and moved from Polonia Airport to Sekolah Angkasa on 2014 and remained here to this day.. J-392. Piper PA-23-250 Aztec C. is the biggest database of aviation photographs with over 5 million screened photos online!

              This was taken from Pixel 3 JPG mode with clear skies, pretty much best case scenario


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                I found my first gen iPhone SE took really sharp shots, which I got several accepted even at 1920px. The camera quality on my subsequent iPhone 8 and 13 mini haven't been quite as good, but enough to scrape the odd shot on.