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  • I am new to spotting

    Hello y'all I have a Canon EOS Rebel T2i with the included 18-55 mm lens that I received from my dad unfortunately, the higher zoom lens was lost. Is it possible to spot with 18-55 mm? I am going to spot at BWI (Thomas A. Dixon, Jr. Aircraft Observation Area). Can you recommend tips for spotting with low zoom or recommend lenses in the $200-$350 price range. Also I would like some advice on editing (software, tips, how to, etc.) Thank You in advance for your help/tips!!!

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    It will require some cropping, to be sure. You can find used, good condition 70-200 f/4 L lenses for 300-350 these days, and that will suit you very well. Lots of good how-to videos on youtube, and there was a recent thread about it here

    For spotting, use aperture priority (AV) mode, typically f7.1 to f9 is good, and the faster the shutter speed, the better. Focus mode should be AI servo and high speed continuous shooting. Not sure what fps the T2i can shoot at.


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      Pick up a nice sunny day, early or late hours are the best in terms of light. Always keep the sun behind you. Learn how to read the histogram and learn editing (and yes, only edit your pictures on a good desktop computer)
      On JP, use the forum and post a few samples of your best result before trying to upload. That would take away the frustration and the wait and would allow you to learn much faster.

      Welcome to JP, enjoy your flight !



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        Thank you both for the advice, I might go spotting in 2 weeks or so, I will use these tips when I do!!!