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  • Fuji FinePix S3000

    Hi everyone,

    Good to be part off such a great forum! But first, little about myself....

    Im 16 years old and am about to leave year 11 (tomorrow infact! ). I spend quite a bit at the airport, mainly Manchester, although I live closer Leeds/Bradford, bizzar really .

    I am about to upgrade my camera, and am looking at the FinePix S3000. Is there anyone here who uses the camera for aviation?? If so, what do you think of it??

    Also, is it a good camera to take action shots, takeoff/landing?? If there is anyone here who goes to Manchester with one, how good is it at getting takeoff/landing shots from the viewing park and Runway 24L?? A long shot I know...

    Thanks in advance for the kind help.

    Simon A. Baskerville

    Simon A. Baskerville

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    Welcome in Simon and congrats on the end of another school year! The S3000 with the 6x zoom is gonna leave you a bit short for the longer range shots and it, much like its bigger brother the S5000, has a decided shutter lag so action shots are a hit or miss proposition. I had the S5000 and when I was able, I upgraded to the Canon EOS 300D.

    The S series takes fantastic photos but you may have to get a telextender for the lens to catch the more distant stuff. For broadside roster type photos at a "normal" distance and more traditional shots, it will serve you fine and turn out some fine products.

    Looking forward to seeing some of your shots here on!

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      Welcome to the forum Simon! Think ive seen you once or twice in the MAN viewing park.

      I have used that camera once or twice, I think if you get used to cameras well and really know what your doing with it you should be fine with MAN, and almost anywhere else within the UK. As you may have seen with my shots I used to do fine with my 3X optical, now I have 6X optical with my finepix 2800Z I find I can really expreiment alot more with some new styles, along with visit new spots.

      Of course with the camera in question there are more MP with it compared to my 2MP. Examples of shots taken with 6X optical around MAN:

      ........So I conclude you will be fine with 6X Optical! I do feel Fuji cameras are underestimated for their quality when it comes to digital images, so I think the S3000 will be fine for you Simon.....although I do admitt, im going into the DSLR market within the next 2 months due to the restriction compacts have when it comes to reach and acessories to improve shots, i.e filters (well mine doesnt!).
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        I currently use the S3000 while a guy at work has both the S3 & S5.

        I have prettly close acccess to the local military base so the 3 is okay but the 5 does much better for those close up shots.

        Here are some of mine from the S3

        and here is one with the S5

        and my S3

        for the price, atleast over here your getting a decent camera.


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          I too have the Fuji 2800Z. There are many on here who will tell you that size matters and that 2mp wont be big enough (yes I'm aware the S3000 has 3mp so taht shoudl be more than enough). But I believe many of them simply have something they need to uhhh...compensate for. While more mp is better...its not exactly necissary. As far as I know, the S3000 is the 2800Z with a few programed settings (for night time, portrait or sports) and a better video setting. Overall I've been quite happy with what fuji puts out and would not hesitate to suggest anything they make. I've noticed that the S5000 has some really grainy pictures, but other than that its a pretty solid camera. I've been using my brother's 602Z this week and have found that the menus are very easy to work and just like the rest of the fuji camera's its quite nice. Basically to sum up what I'm trying to say, the S3000 is good enough. If you can afford better, get better, but its still possible to get good shots with the 3000.


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            Originally posted by screaming_emu
            But I believe many of them simply have something they need to uhhh...compensate for.
            Will F.
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              I use the S3000, actually when I bought mine last August, it was called the FinePix 3800. All five of the shots I have on here were taken with it, four of the 5 were taken @ 2 MP, and my most recent shot I uploaded was taken @ 3.2 MP (I have a much larger XD card now).


              More of my shots from my camera can be seen on my website:
              The ATL ones are scanned from some photos taken with a disposable camera, but the rest are digital, and I still have a bunch of shots I took at FFC that I've yet to even put on my site or even submit to here.

              The camera's not a bad camera for a point and shoot, I'm still honing my technique on shooting moving objects, but I'm getting better at them. The camera has gotten a lot cheaper since when I bought mine. I paid $376 for it back in August (I bought it then because I knew I couldn't find it any cheaper, as all of the other local retailers wanted at least $25-$50 more than what I paid for it), and now it's running under $300.

              As for the tele lens for it, I've heard nothing but bad things about it, mainly complaints about pictures being fuzzy and grainy, which it typical for something added onto a point and shoot lens.


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                Originally posted by screaming_emu
                There are many on here who will tell you that size matters and that 2mp wont be big enough (yes I'm aware the S3000 has 3mp so taht shoudl be more than enough).
                Yea, megapixels isn't a big deal unless you had to crop alot or plan to print large prints of your photos. Heck, the Nikon D1, which is used by alot of photojournalists has only 2.62mp.
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                  great review site here on the S5 and S3



                  or look up other cameras



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                    This information is VERY useful to me! Its just what I needed .

                    I am currently using the FinePix A210, 3X optical, and 3.2mp. Before that I used my FunePix A201 2mp. I have to agree that Fuji dont get half as much credit as they probably deserve, Im not changing from them.

                    I cant wait to get my new camera now, i'll post some pics onto this topic when I have some.

                    Thanks again everyone!

                    Simon A. Baskerville


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                      Hi everyone,

                      Ive recently got my new camera, yeah!

                      I do have a question though, I went up to LBA this weekend to try it out, and got this result....


                      Got to laugh aint you!
                      I was wondering what is the fastest shutter setting on the S3000??
                      I though it would be the 'scene position' on the 'sport' setting, otherwise which of these would it be?
                      • F2. 8
                        F4. 8
                        F8. 2

                      I tried moving the camera with the aircraft, easier said than done! :P
                      Guess I need practice, and a lot of it...... lol

                      Simon A. Baskerville


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                        I'm not sure on the shutter speed question as I don't use the camera, but it looks as though you focused on the planes at the gate rather than the on you were shooting.
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                          Originally posted by Tanner_J
                          I'm not sure on the shutter speed question as I don't use the camera, but it looks as though you focused on the planes at the gate rather than the on you were shooting.
                          Yeah, he's probably right. I've got the S3 and it's essential to follow the subject, continually pressing the shutter button halfway to initiate the autofocus, till you've got it where you want it. Then snap away!
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                            simonbaskerville, try panning with the aircraft. They'll turn out much better.


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                              Yeah, Simon, if you notice the Air Europa tail is not blurred whereas the aircraft is. Practice panning with the aircraft...eventually you want to achieve the exact opposite of what you have in that picture.

                              Edit: And try to keep the horizon level...that can be changed in photoshop though, it's just a minor point. The screeners here (or anywhere) will reject pictures with an unlevel horizon.
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