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  • ID Cards for Spotters

    From what I read, those ID Cards issued in the UK are practically worthless. They cost over 25 pounds and bearers are still removed from sensitive areas such as runway fences. I asked the Port Authority to start issuing similar cards and they responded that terrorists could obtain cards to stake out locations on the periphery of the airport so they refused. I think they're afraid that spotters might do a better job than their own security force and it would be an embarrassment to them that they use unpaid volunteers to keep out an eye for terrorism.

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    Given how contemptful BAA are towards enthusiasts I'm very reluctant to do them any favours, especially when there are examples of positive interaction with us at places like Manchester and AMS.

    Besides which, it's unlikely the police will be bothered; what's the difference between this document and a driving license or a passport?

    Not a great idea. It would be far easier if we were given dedicated areas like the Queen's building that are easily isolated and policed, rather than having already thinly stretched security trying to weed us out of the airport perimeter.