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  • spotting at CYYZ

    Hi guys, Id like to go out to Pearson sometime and shoot some planes. Ive found all the best locations and talked to some people. How do I go about knowing what runways are being used though? sometimes has that, but other than that is there a simple way. I know Id figure it out, but I dont want to spend too much time - no car.

    Thanks for your time.

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    The only idea would be to find a current weather for Toronto.

    Weather Underground has a current forecast for Pearson, and you can judge the wind/runway from that.

    In calm wind 23/24R will be used, with a mainly Easterly wind it will be 05/06L. From the North/North West 33L for arrivals, 33R for departures. The 15s are very rarely used.

    If you have a scanner check the ATIS, the freq escapes me at the moment.
    Garry Lewis

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