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  • Spotters Welcome!!!!

    Thats what i Call a Spotter friendly Airport was a great Day
    Freundliche Gre / Best Regards / Atentos saludos / Meilleures salutations

    Michael Bogensperger

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    Amazing what can happen when the government and general public isn't paranoid. I really like the elevated photo platform that gets you over the fence.
    At least at KMKE we get a parking area where they don't mess with you. Supposedly a second observation area going in late this year/early 2005 as we'll have both 19R and 7R covered.
    George R. Widener
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      Looks good. Sadly, few airports are like this. I know Schipol is really good, and Manchester is also very positive about enthusiasts..but the rest? One of the nice things about being here in SOU is that, whilst the airport is very small, there's a nice location on a mound that overlooks the taxiways and 2/3rds the runway:

      It's actually a really nice place to spend an afternoon.


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        BWi has provided a park and so has DCA but if you leave those areas you will get the Paranoia patrol to talk to you.


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          KMIA has this small grass field next to RWY 12-8R with HOLES in the fence so you can stick your camera and shoot without interference. It also has a couple of palm trees to give you some nice shelter from the sun!
          That's the officially approved site for spotting. Cops won't mess with you there.

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