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  • Spotting at SLC

    Ok, I've decided to treat myself (and the girlfriend) to a trip. I HAVE to get out of Florida because I can't this humidity 24/7. So I looked at a map of the U.S. for a nice place to (1) Spend time with the woman and (2) Do some good spotting somewhere I've never been before. I wanted to steer clear of big cities and places that had little operations. I also wanted to go somewhere out west. Denver was a close second in my choices and my brother lives in Phoenix so I've been there plenty already.

    The result: Salt Lake City. I know Im likely to just get a million Delta shots, but that's okay. Skywest will work too. Anyway, where are some good spotting locations there? Any hotels/motels with good views of approaches/departures? I'm thinking of going sometime next month.

    Thanks for any info!!