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  • Nice But Not Upload Material Photos

    Ok guys, we've all got them. Photos that just didn't turn out quite the way we wanted to, or shots that for some other reason just aren't up to snuff for addition to the database. Rather than let them all sit stashed away on your hard drive somewhere, why not share them?
    Let's figure on resizing them to a maximum of 800 x XXX....
    If anyone else wants to post photos here just jump right in.
    I'll start off with a few of mine, enjoy.
    First one is of Frontier N805FR taxiing to gate at KMKE. Airport was configured this particular afternoon with arrivals on 7R and departures on all I was getting at the observation area was departures. At right is a DL B737 headed my way...subjects were just too far away.

    Next is N668FE, a nice A300 arriving KMKE on 19R. This was the very first trip I went down there using the 300D, and was still figuring out how to use it. Here is a nice heavy, floating my way in great light and I blow the shot. I shot a sequence of 9 photos, and not one turned out 100% sharp. Not so apparent when sized down. Now the worst part about this is that FedEx arrivals at KMKE have been a particular thorn in my side ever since this day. Every time I am down there something happens prior to "FedEx Time"- like I have to leave for home, or most commonly they switch the [email protected]#$* runway configuration so I can watch from a distance. This was last week:
    Happened again TODAY. So, now it has become something personal.

    George R. Widener
    Oshkosh, WI USA
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    Sorry, mine is 1024...but I was PISSED OFF about the F**KING tree....
    Especially because I was doing ISO 100 f/8 1/40th...



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      If only the plane had been closer to the moon.

      And I wish the moon had been brighter.


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        but I was PISSED OFF about the F**KING tree....
        You should really get somebody to chop it down.
        "The Director also sets the record straight on what would happen if oxygen masks were to drop from the ceiling: The passengers freak out with abandon, instead of continuing to chat amiably, as though lunch were being served, like they do on those in-flight safety videos."

        -- The LA Times, in a review of 'Flightplan'


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          "It's better to keep ones mouth shut and be thought a fool, then to open it and remove all

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              Love that one.
              Sam Rudge
              A 5D3, some Canon lenses, the Sigma L and a flash


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                similar contrail pic... it would have been better if the plane had been flying overhead as i took the pic, but o well. photo taken heading to SDQ on an AA A300 in march this year.

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                  Nice shots, guys. Glad to see I'm not the only one who gets "zapped" once in awhile.
                  -Clovis, you got it particularly bad with that damn tree.
                  -Scott, love the paratroopers.
                  There is a place 5 miles or so west of here that does parachute classes on weekends...I'll have to go out and take some shots soon. Now I'm inspired.
                  George R. Widener
                  Oshkosh, WI USA
                  Aircraft Photos Here
                  Railroad Pictures Here