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What is the focusing like on the 300d?

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  • What is the focusing like on the 300d?

    I would like to know if it really is a problem that you cannot manually set the focusing option on the 300d. Does it use predictive autofocus in Apeture/Shutter priorety modes or not? I really need to know this because if it doesn't, there is no point in getting it as it would be little better than my p&s in that respect (I realise i will enter a whole new world of image quality though )
    What is Ai servo anyway?
    Also, is it a problem that there is no spot metering? I don't only shoot aviation, but also sports.
    Finally, is there a firmware hack I can use to sort these problems out?
    Thanks a lot for your time,
    Eagles may soar, but weasels never get sucked into jet intakes

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    You can manually focus on the 300D. It's just a toggle switch on the lens. You can also shoot full manual (set aperture and shutter speed yourself), Shutter priority, or Aperture priority.

    With regard to the camera's focusing performance in fairly tricky situations, I've never had any problems. Have a look at some at some of the action shots here from 300D users; it's not an issue.


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      What I mean is, does the camera have a setup that allows you to pan with the aircraft, whilst changing focal length and all the time it is focusing on the subject?
      Eagles may soar, but weasels never get sucked into jet intakes


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        The availability of AF servo is a bit odd with the 300D. Basically, there is a 'sport' mode available, which uses it full-time but it's rubbish so don't bother with it.

        If you have continuous-drive selected, the camera will use AF-servo as it sees fit; whilst this naturally doesn't give you 'full' control, it does a pretty good job. I've not encountered any problems so far with regard to it.

        The 300D is a good, reliable camera, and extremely easy to use. This AF debate is one of those things that people seem to get hung-up about, but in all honesty I don't think it's a problem.