Hi all,

At the moment I'm using a Sony Mavica FD200, which only has 2MP, 3x optical zoom and 3x digi zoom. Now and again I can get one or two decent shots with it, but I've realised that I now desperately need a better camera.

I'd now like a DSLR and my prefered options are either the 300D, or the D30.

The lens seems to be sorted, I've got a friend who's said I could buy his 75-300mm off him, so that's not really an issue.

I've tried to choose by comparing each of them, but both have got good and bad points and I really can't decide. Obviously a D30 would be second hand and might not of been looked after too well previously, so that's something that I'd have to take into account. The 300D doesn't come cheap either But I just want to see what you think overall about which one I should choose and why.

Please note, I'm only 15 so I'm not really old enough to start a full-time job just yet, so I'm not earning much money at the moment

Thanks in advance.
Best regards. EGCC

EDIT - The poll's messed up, just choose either of the first two options.