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  • Help with exposure times

    Hi all,
    I'm having a bit of trouble, I'm using a 300D and am wondering if someone could let me know how to get those nice motion blur shots in the day time without letting in heaps of light by using a slow shutter speed?
    Also how to get those nice bright night photos on the tarmac without using an increadoubly slow shutter speed?
    All got something to do with aperture?

    Regards Matt

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    For the motion blur use a shutter speed (Tv mode) at 1/125 or lower. But be ware if you don't have IS your shots might blur. The camera would decide on the aperture so you would be ok. For those night time shots you need to use a slow shutter speed or they will be too dark. For that you need an IS or a tripod unless you can hold the camera perfectly steady for a longer exposure. Also you should exparament w/ teh different mode.