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Some pics taken at JFK! Any good???

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  • Some pics taken at JFK! Any good???

    Here are some pics taken at JFK airport... Is there anyway i could improve the quality of the pics?

    PIA's 747-300

    I'll post the other ones up later

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    All of them are blurry and have shadows.The only one I can think of having some luck is the 1st and the 5th , why dont you post eh originals of those two
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      That's interesting, I think you could use some more training. I'm certain that it isn't feasible to improve those photos. I'm not too sure that any amount of photoshop implementation can impove that.

      Thank you for sharing that with us.


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        Try not to get obstructions in the way
        Try not to get reflections in the way
        Unless you are actually traveling don't bother shooting from inside the terminal and paying to park. Find a spotting area that is on an approach and shoot from there.


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          try not using ur video camera
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            Hello, thanks for the advice!

            Paul: i was actually traveling to PK when i took those photos, other wise i would not be allowed in that section of airport or that close to the aircrafts. I don't know why it(camera) blurred those images, here are some photos taken from the same camera.

            Omer: i can't afford a new camera right now.

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              The images were blurred because a low shutter speed and/or aperture was set b/c the light wasn't that bright.... would happen to any camera. The second ones you posted of the street sign, house, and FedEx DC-10 are sharper cuz the lighting is better.