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What are the best settings for 300D?

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  • What are the best settings for 300D?

    What is/are the best settings for
    1. Moving aircraft
    2. Cockpit Shots

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    1. Moving, 1/125-1/1000 on Tv mode

    2. Cockpit, 1/125-1/320 on Tv mode


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      The only caveat I would add to Greg's reply is: Watch your aperture. Alot of zoom lenses soften quite a bit below F8; if you see that happening you can bump the iso up to 200; there's barely any difference in quality and you'll maintain sharpness.


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        be careful at 1/125... i wouldn't go nearly that low.... as you might blur the plane if you don't have IS (although it does make nice background blur shots.. but unless you want backgound blur stay away from slow shutter speeds). 1/320-1/800 should be good. Watch the apeture too to see what the camera is setting it to (make sure it's about f/8 or higher. For cockpit... use flash and set the aperture at about f/8-f/10 (i'm assuming your using the 18-55 for the cockpit) as the lens is the best at those aperutres.

        I use P with my setup but i watch my shutter speed and aperture and the aperture is usually around f/8 or higher and shutter speed is usually way above 1/320. When i use my 18-55 however i'm in Av mode to make sure that i have it set to at least f/8.

        I use ISO200 for this... if i were to use 100 everything i said here would be different.


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          Great just what i wanted to know thanks a lot everyone


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            Tv or Av underexspose -.3.

            There are no "ideal" settings...every situation is different....



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              I just use RAW and fix exposure b4 i convert :P


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                Originally posted by Airbus_A320
                I just use RAW and fix exposure b4 i convert :P

                That's cheating