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  • Question for you lax guys

    How do I get to the spot where the photo was taken below? Closest parking location? Also, what focal length will I need? (no digi crop) I'll be there this weekend and I want to give this spot a try...


    Nice photo btw!


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    According to the EXIF data, the photo was taken with 313mm on a 10D. Which comes out to a tad over 500mm with the crop added. No telling how much or how little he had cropped it though. Looks way too far off for a Sony F717, even with a 1.7x teleconverter on it.


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      I use my 75-300 problem taking similar photos...Phillippe uses a Sigma 50-500. Just watch the lightpoles

      It is on Westchester Parkway at the west end of the bridge it forms over Lincoln Blvd.



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        Thanks for the speedy replies! I checked out the EXIF data on the one below and its 137 mm (low 200s) so I should be able to take some pics there...


        Dreaming of the day I have a DSLR in my hands..