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    hi all

    i'm doing a 5 week or so journey in june of 2005 to incorporate the paris airshow, i'm going to head over to Jfk, Sxm, Las, Lax, Mia and then back home via Cdg and Hkg or Sin, maybe even Narita.

    i'm wanting some suggestions from you as to some airports in the Americas region that offers some unique spotting and doesn't get many photographers passing through!



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    USA/DXB August.

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    I would say SDU would be a good choice. Excellent spotting places and not packed with spotters. At GIG you would take some fine shots inside the terminal but the spotting point at SDU is unique.



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      June is not the best season for LAX, LAS, MIA and any other dotting the Sun-Belt, light is really a little bit too vertical. About stops across North America, I would first draw a line between PDX/SEA and NYC and pick up my selection on the north side of the line : Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, the US Midwest, the Rockies and the Northeast.
      Otherwise, between SIN and HKG, I think I would pick up SIN.
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        just been looking at some shots from Quito, that is a place i am very keen to checkout!

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        USA/DXB August.


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          Might I suggest KMKE if you swing through the US midwest...kind of under-rated if you ask me...all the Midwest Airlines you can stomach along with a bunch of NWA and DL. Also get Frontier, Continental (Express Jet), US (RJ's), United (via Air Wisconsin RJ's)...FedEx Airbuses in the afternoon, along with military movements from the WI ANG (KC135 and C130). Has one public spotting area with another due to open early next year...have a look at my shots here on JPnet.
          If you want more info feel free to PM me.
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            i'm going to totally alter my plans.

            perth-sydney-santiago-quito-santiago-rio de janeiro-madrid-paris-singapore-perth

            quito looks like it has some fantastic oppurtunites, i'll invest in a sth america airpass and that should see me right!

            next trips
            USA/DXB August.