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  • File Naming Conventions

    Just curious what the other photographers here do about naming photo method is a carry-over from all my years photographing rail subjects. I more or less put as much information in the name as I can...
    An example would be like this:


    Easy to figure out- United Airlines B777-222er reg# N216UA; taken at KORD on 4/6, and photo "b" of a series.

    The only problems I have run into with this is when I get beyond the letter "z" in the sequence, then I have to start with "za", "zb" etc. Other one is when you see the same a/c more than once in a day...but I solve that by modifying the date like "4-6-04-2"...then it is easy to go back with the a,b,c idea.

    Anyone do something else? I'm always looking for ways to improve this.
    George R. Widener
    Oshkosh, WI USA
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      registration and the number of times I've uploaded it.


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        Aw come on now Paul, don't tell me you don't rename yours. LOL
        George R. Widener
        Oshkosh, WI USA
        Aircraft Photos Here
        Railroad Pictures Here


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          I name the folders according to Airport and Date. Then I just have to name the files with info about the plane.

          For example:

          Folder: YOW 2004.04.04
          File: AC763CGHLA

          A photo of an Air Canada Boeing 767-300 with the registration C-GHLA photographed at Ottawa International Airport on April 4th, 2004.

          Will F.
          Photos: JetPhotos.Net | | General Photography


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            Will, your system works great until the photo gets separated from the folder by mistake.
            I dump the raw images from the camera into a folder named "new from 4-6-04" for example...then as I edit them, the renamed masters (unedited) go to a folder named "masters" (note I don't need to file them by date as that info is in the file name); with the edited pics going to another folder named "modified". Lastly, any picture posted to JPnet goes into a folder named "Posted to JPnet" to keep me from re-uploading the same image.
            Works for me.
            George R. Widener
            Oshkosh, WI USA
            Aircraft Photos Here
            Railroad Pictures Here


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              Simply dump the CF into a folder with the date on it. Then I edit and save photos into folders for respective websites. I never touch the filename until I upload them.


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                Originally posted by pullin4u
                Aw come on now Paul, don't tell me you don't rename yours. LOL
                I used to rename the JPEG file that came from the TIFF file i edited in PS but then i decided whats the point when i'm just gonna upload and the name is gonna change anyways. And all i save is the RAW. So i just take the RAW file(s) of the picture(s) that get uploaded/accepted and i dump them onto folder on a DVD called "BDL Aviation Photos" when i go to other airports i will start another folder on the DVD for that airport... so when i come back from YVR i will make a folder named "YVR Aviation Photos" then everything that i don't use i delete. While i'm waiting for the pics to make it through the week long queue the RAWs sit in a folder in My documents so i know where they are.

                I don't bother renaming as when you leave it in origional name it gets ordered on the DVD in the order that you took the pics.


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                  I do it like this:




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                    Files are copied from my XD card onto HDD, in a new folder typically named 'DDMMYY_Heathrow"

                    I then create a new folder: "DDMMYY_Modified".

                    As I edit potential pictures from my Heathrow Folders, I save into my "modified" folder with filename like "G-CIVW_1", "G-CIVW_2"... 1, 2, etc meaning diffferent modifications so i can choose the best one. When I choose the best one from each registrations, i move over the file to a new folder named "DDMMYY_Uploads". I name these final files as u2o_REG (or sometimes u2o_AIRLINE_REG).


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                      AA(A) - 2 or 3 letter airline/owner code
                      BBBB - ICAO aircraft code
                      C(CCCCC) - Registration (with any dashes removed)
                      DDDD - ICAO airfield code
                      EEEEEE - date DDMMYY
                      FF - sequence number 01-99 (allows for up to 98 photos of the same aircraft at the same airfield on the same day). Highest sequence number I've used so far is around 33.

                      Information on each photo is entered into a database which automatically generates the filename.


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                        Such complicated file naming :P


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                          I store the files slightly differently from the rest.

                          Firstly, original digital images from the CF card are stored in a folder on my /pictures/planes directory under the format yyyy mmm dd Location (eg 2004 Jun 11 LHR).

                          These images are not touched, and the whole directory is set as "Read Only".

                          I view the original images from here, and those are qualify for processing are opened into Photoshop. Once processed, the file is saved into /pictures/planes directory under the format registration-date-type of shot-original image file name-location-sequence number.

                          EG: gcivp-09062004-rotate-dsc5342-syd-3
                          which means
                          G-CIVP photographed 09 June 2004, rotation shot, original image id dsc5342. Photgraphed at SYD. 3rd shot of G-CIVP in my folder.


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                            I think I am quite organised

                            I dump the photos into a folder named:


                            I then create subfolders for original, pending and uploaded pics

                            example: 120604_cyyz-ORIGINAL or 120604_cyyz-UPLOADED JNET

                            I name the files by date, airline, type and location



                            is a photo taken on 12/06/04 is a BMI British Midland A330-200 taken at CYYZ.

                            Helps to keep filenames unique in the queue and to retrieve original files if ever needed. , for example when a client requests a particular image.
                            Garry Lewis

                            Air Team Images -
                            Air Traffic Controller - Toronto ACC (West Low)



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                              I have

                              A folder with the year.
                              Inside that,
                              Folders with dates.
                              Inside them I either have my photos or have what memory card i used (EG my 128MB card or 256MBcard)
                              In them I have my photos.

                              Usually I just use the registration and when i have more than one pic of the aircraft i just put 02 or 03 etc beside it.

                              So it looks like this:
                              ZK-MCW-02 (or similar)

                              Using that I can tell its a AirNZLink ATR 72-212A(500),

                              We dont get very much variety so I usually can just read the regos and tell what aircraft it is.
                              Sam Rudge
                              A 5D3, some Canon lenses, the Sigma L and a flash