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Waddington Airshow Sunday 27th June 2004

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  • Waddington Airshow Sunday 27th June 2004

    Hey Guys,

    Just wondering if there is anybody else around here who will be paying the airshow a visit on the Sunday.

    The following is a list of all the visitors:

    Royal Air Force & British Military

    E-3D Sentry - 8/23 Sqn (NAEWF)
    Nimrod MR2 - RAF Kinloss
    Typhoon - 17 or 29 Sqn
    Merlin - Cancelled due temp grounding
    Chinook - Rotary OEU RAF Benson Seaking ASAC - 849 NAS
    Seaking SAR - 771 NAS
    Jetstream - 750 NAS
    Sea Lynx - 815 NAS
    VC-10 -10 Sqn RAF Brize Norton
    Tristar KC-1 - 216 Sqn RAF Brize Norton (P) Hercules C130K - RAF Lyneham
    Canberra PR9 - 39 Sqn RAF Marham
    Hawk T-1 - 208 Sqn RAF Valley
    HS Hawk T Mk 1 - Airframe XX154, currently operated by QinetiQ at Boscombe Down. This aircraft made the Hawk's maiden flight on 21 August 1974.(THE OLD)
    Hawk AJT (Full size replica) - BAE Systems (This Advanced Jet Trainer is the latest version of the Hawk (THE NEW)
    Hercules C130J - RAF Lyneham
    Viking glider - RAF Syerston
    Gazelle - RAF Odiham
    Tornado F3 - 11 Sqn RAF Leeming
    Tornado GR4 - 13 Sqn RAF Marham
    Tornado GR4 - 9 Sqn RAF Marham
    Jaguar GR3 - 54 Sqn RAF Coltishall
    Grob Tutor - Tbn
    2 x Tucano - RAF Linton on Ouse
    Britten Norman Islander - Army Air Corps
    Dominie - 55(R) Sqn RAF Cranwell
    2 x Tornado GR4 - 12 Sqn RAF Lossiemouth
    Slingsby T67 Firefly - DEFTS RAF Barkston
    Squirrel HT1 - 660 Sqn AAC Shawbury
    Griffin HT1 - 60 (R) Sqn RAF Shawbury


    Tornado F3 - FJWOEU RAF Coningsby
    Tornado GR4 - FJWOEU
    Harrier GR7 - FJWOEU
    Jaguar GR3A - FJWOEU
    Hercules C130J - Hercules OEU RAF Lyneham

    Foreign Military

    2 x F-4E - 172 Sqn Turkish Air Force
    Saab 105OE - Austrian Air Force
    C130 Hercules - Austrian Air Force
    G222 - Italian Air Force
    2 x AMX International - Italian Air Force
    F16 - RNAF
    LET 410T Turbolet - Latvian Air Force
    Tornado GR1 - NAW 2 German Navy
    Sea Lynx Mk 88A - NAW 3 German Navy
    Dassault Atlantic - NAW 3 German Navy
    Eurocopter (MBB) BO-105 - German Army
    BO-105 - AAS 100 German Army
    BO-105P - Regt 26 German Army
    CH-53 Sea Stallion - German Army
    Tornado Recce - TRW 51 Luftwaffe
    F-4F - FW 71 Luftwaffe
    C-160 Transall - ATW 62 Luftwaffe
    M-28B1R (Formerly AN-2 Bryza - 30th Naval Aviation Sqn Polish Navy
    Xingu - French Air Force


    Lockheed L-749 Constellation - Dutch National Aviation Museum "Aviodome"
    Cessna 182 - Loughborough Flying Club
    SA-226T Merlin 111B - Holland Air Charter
    Jet Provost TMk3A - Private
    Jet Provost Mk3 - Private
    Jet Provost Mk5 - Private
    Strikemaster - Private
    Hawker Hunter T8 - Delta Jets
    Slingsby T67 Firefly - Private
    Miles M65 - Private
    Bucker Jungmeister - Private
    De Havilland Tiger Moth - Private
    Westland Wasp - Naval Markings (off HMS Achilles)
    De Havilland Vampire T11 - Gower Jets
    De Havilland Chipmunk - Gower Jets
    Slingsby Firefly T67M - Private
    Cessna 152 - Waddington Flying Club
    Diamond Katana - Waddo Flying Club
    2 x Microlights - Private
    2 x Gliders - Trent Valley Gliding Club
    SA-226T Merlin 111B - Holland Charter
    Jabiru 450 Microlight - Private
    Jet Provost Mk4 - Private
    YAK-18T Tiger - Private
    2 x Jet Provosts Mk3 & Mk5a - Matching Display Team (Red, White & Blue)
    L-29 Delfin - Private (Russian Markings)
    Jet Provost Mk 5a - Private
    Bulldog - Private
    Cessna 152 - See this aircraft in the Main Exhibition at Lincoln Aero Club's stand
    Myself and James Rowson will be there, will anybody else???[/i]
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    Godam, get a C17 in there and i'll be shifting myself up there


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      VC-10, Tristar and Nimrod are enough to get me out there!
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        I was originally going to go Saturday but it looks like I won't be able to get the day off work so I may be going Sunday instead but again that looks questionable.


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          Lots of cancelled displays unfortunately, Nimrod is out on operational duties, RNAF Apache is in Iraq, Luftwaffe F4 is only on static display and the polish display team is also cancelled.