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10D Options are needed ASAP

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  • 10D Options are needed ASAP

    Ok I have narrowed my choice to the 10Dor the Digi Rebel. (Please don't comment on these choices that is not the problem I am facing.

    I currently own a Minolta Dimage 7i. A great camera but really fast speed for aviation and racing stuff. Thank god this uses CF cards so cards are not an issue.

    Ok here is the main question, here in CMH a local camera store (I won't say which one) has a slightly used 10D body only for $1299, but here is the kicker, it has the vertical grip with batteries included, this in itself is a 250 dollar savings I think. But as said before there is no lens with it. But the store does have some great used lenses I.E a Canon 25-80mm basic lens for every day shooting for $60 and they have a 75-300mm for good aviation stuff and other SXM stuff next March and CHS in Labor day for $160. Some other issues I have with this are no cables/warranty/manual for the camera.

    So do I go ahead and get it and hope for the best (i.e them dropping the price for the used stuff, and the camera working 2 months from now) or do I just go get a new 300D for 900 with the lens and add a good zoom lens.

    So I'm stuck I have a large gathering on Saturday I would like to have the camera for, plus I plan to do some spotting Sunday afternoon here in CMH.

    Also for a small background, I do not shoot everyday nor am I anywhere close to a pro, I have seen some of the pics this site and another one ( has with these camera's and have limited my choice to those 2 and the Nikon D70.

    Any and all help would be great

    thanks a bunch

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    D70 I think the 10D price is too can get a new one for about $1400-$1500 (battery grip is not a big deal since you don't shoot much). Even the D70 kit is less than that used 10D. However, if you are only looking at Canons, go for the 300D...either way, you won't regret it.
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      I did forget to say they did have a 10D that did not have the handgrip for 1199. Also the serial #'s started in the 02202xxxxxxxx and 01101XXXXX

      not sure if that matters or not


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        too much... you can get a brand new 10D (sans the vertical grip) for about $1350... so paying 1200 (plus tax, I assume) is not really a good deal to me...

        however, if you're going to get it anyways, at least bargain with them.. around 1000 (1050 maybe) would be a better deal. you DO know that you can "talk to them" about prices on used items. I doubt they gave more than 800 to the poor soul who traded that in.

        if they give you crap..walk out.


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          they did not want to throw in a cheap canon 18-70mm lens that they were selling for 60 bucks so i walked out yesterday.


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            All be advised I did get the Camera with battery pack and 2 lens for a good amount now all I need is a good subject to photograph.

            Thanks for all your help

            P.S Photo's to come soon