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    These are some pictures that I have uploaded to since i wouldnt even bother here. Do any of these stand a chance on this site. Please tell me what i should do in the future to make them better. please remember I am working with a 2mp kodak cx4200 camera only!
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    But seriously.. with a 2MP camera... you'll only get uploadable shots really by shooting on SUNNY DAYS (With the sun to your back) and when the plane is sitting still, like on a ramp. Action shots can be difficult with a P&S 2MP to get them at the quality level desired by and (at least it was for me)

    Shoot with the sun on the plane and get as close as you can. Good Luck!



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      With PnS, wait for the sun, Most grain comes from dark spots in your photos. If the whole pic is dark, usually the whole pic is grainy. once yuo haev some sun you might be able to upload some.
      Sam Rudge
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        I agree with the above posts.

        If you want to get a good amount of pictures accepted, you might want to think about buying a better camera if possible.


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          also get rid of the white spaces above and below pics, and avoid shooting from inside the terminal through glass as some of your pics has very strong noticeable reflections.

          unfortunately i dont think any of them has potential for this site as the qualities are bad.

          sayin that, i do like from photography point of view but not for Database.


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            Thanks people. The white space is some sizing problem
            What size should I put the pictures at? I think i use 1200x1200 pixels
            Only the dead have seen the end of the war-Plato


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              1024*768 is a nice size, which i use.


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                Good pics man. Getting better....

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