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Wake Turbulence from 737-200 (pic)

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  • Wake Turbulence from 737-200 (pic)

    I took this pic yesterday at DAL after a rainstorm. This WN 737-200 was just coming to the apron at this point and I was about a mile away. The quality is bad but I like how it shows the "wing tornadoes."

    Then I saw this little cloud appear on the wing of this -500 right after it took off:
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    Early, Dark, Far..........


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      Sweet Shots Dudes!


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        awesome shots!!!! the 732 from WN is perfect, I remember seeing that on my AA MD80 approaching STL. Very cool.

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          Really nice condensation shots.
          I have been trying recently to get these kind of shots but can't be bothered to get up too early yet or go out in the rain!
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            Very nice shots you two! The only time I've ever seen condensation coming from a plane was when I was on it back a couple of weeks ago... It was a NW 320. We took off into clouds, then popped out above them shortly afterwards. We began a right turn, and soon afterwards hit some pretty sharp turbulence. The plane was jerked up and down in one quick movement, and while going down I saw a quick burst of condensation above the wing... Not the ideal situation but it was unique, that's for sure
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                I have some others as well, from a dreary day at ORD before I had the 300D. Heavies were just dropping out of the clouds on short finals...MAJOR flap condensation and wingtip vortexes...nice stuff.
                Too bad the Minolta Z1 did such a crappy job that day.
                One of the days that convinced me I needed to upgrade to get the type/quality of shots I wanted. I'll try to dig some of those out and post them here soon.
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